CYTLIMIC -cytotoxic T lvmphoctyte Immunotherapy in cancer

CYTLIMIC is a biotechnology company developing immunotherapy products for the treatment of cancer, including a cancer peptide vaccine. CYTLIMIC’s products aim to activate immune systems to attack cancer cells while enabling patients to maintain a high quality-of-life during treatment.


News Release

Registration of Patent on an immune-oncology medicine in Japan

Patent on an immuno-oncology medicine comprising Poly I:C and LAG-3 IgG fusion protein was registered in Japan. A novel combination adjuvant based on this invention is used in CYT001, a peptide vaccine under development in Cytlimic, to boost the vaccine efficacy. read more

A phase I study for adjuvant immunotherapy has started at Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine

A phase I study (YCP002 study) of the cancer peptide vaccine CYT001 as combination adjuvant immunotherapy for patients with resectable hepatocellular carcinoma has started at Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine. read more

Concluded an agreement in respect to a third-party allocation of newly issued shares

CYTLIMIC has concluded an agreement in respect to a third-party allocation of newly issued shares to CYTLIMIC underwritten by Fast Track Initiative, Inc., SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd., and NEC Capital Solutions Limited as part of reinforcing its healthcare business and commencing with the drug development business.


・Clinical trial of cancer peptide vaccines
・Nonclinical testing of cancer peptide vaccines
・Developing formulations for investigational use vaccines, stability testing
・Promoting application with pharmaceutical companies
Date established
December 16, 2016
361.5 million yen
MG Meguro Ekimae Building, 15-19, Kamiosaki 2-Chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
141-0021, Japan


President and CEO

Shun Doi, Ph.D.

Member of the Board

Hiromichi Kimura

CEO and Partner
Fast Track Initiative, Inc.
Member of the Board

Ken Nakamura

Solution Division General Manager
NEC Capital Solutions Limited
Member of the Board

Osamu Fujikawa

Executive Officer
NEC Corporation
Audit & Supervisory Board Member (KANSAYAKU)

Hideyuki Kumazawa

Corporate Strategy Division
NEC Corporation

Science & Technology

How acquired immune system attacks cancer cells
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Immunotheraphy either release 'break' or press down 'accelerator'
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